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Alli Audiences: Alli Pixel

The Alli Pixel is our Server-to-Server solution to connect to Conversion APIs such as Meta, Pinterest and TikTok to make onboarding smooth and streamlined for our Customers.

Here is a keynote that is regularly updated with that latest marketing materials and API connections. Please feel free to duplicate this deck and tailor it to your customers needs.


Common QA

❓ Since PII needs to be passed through the Alli Pixel for match rates on Platforms, does that need to be hashed prior or can Alli handle clear text?

  • We can handle hashed or non-hashed PII. If its not hashed, we will hash it before it gets sent over the network traffic

❓ Does the Alli Pixel have any additional Costs for my client?

  • No, the Alli Pixel is part of the Alli fees.

❓ Does my client need to sign any additional contracts?

  • No, this is looped in and part of PMG/Alli’s Data Privacy Agreement (DPA)

❓ Who places the Alli Pixel on my clients site?

  • The PMG Tagging team can place this on your client’s site via their tag manager with permission, or we will send them the documentation on how to set it up.

❓ Does Alli provide feedback / reporting on match rates? Alerts incase of a drop or sudden stop in activity?

  • Match rates right now we rely on the platform to say through EMQ scores

  • We monitor to make sure nothing is dropped off. We are in the process of building dashboard views to be baked into Alli later this year for greater observability!

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