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Security and Compliance

If you have specific questions about GDPR or PMG’s POV or obligations, please reach out to the PMG legal team.

How Alli Audiences Works (High-level)

  • We received clients' first-party customer data via an sFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)

  • The customer data received is hashed or unhashed Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

  • We configure Alli to pull in the customer data once it is dropped on the sFTP

  • Alli hashes all PII data before saving it to the database

  • Once the data is successfully imported, Alli deletes the unhashed data off the sFTP server

Removal Requests

  • Consumers who request to be removed from Alli will be done in a timely manner.

  • Once we are notified of the email to remove, we hash the email to match the Alli encryption and crawl the entire database and remove them.

  • If we find the user in Alli, we note which client they were found under and the client team contacts that client to remove them from their databases as well.

If a user is found in Alli and they’re in an active audience being deployed to partners, they will be removed from our audience lists in those partners too.

However, if the client does not comply and remove them the user may be readded the next time they send us customer data.

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