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Segmenting Best Practices and Use Cases

This explainer covers a few best practices for creating segments as well as a running list of use cases depending on what data you have available.

Best Practices

  1. Make sure your segment includes at least 1000 customers and preferably more.

    1. When activating, there is typically a 50-70% match rate of the segment list to users on the ad publisher platform.

    2. Even when just creating a segment to seed a lookalike audience, 1000-5000 customers is a healthy minimum to ensure your audience is large enough for meaningful targeting.

Example Segments

12-36 Month Purchasers

Use Case: Retarget purchasers who may be ready for another purchased assuming a 12+ month purchase cycle
Column/Attribute Needed: last_purchase_date or comparable
Filter(s) Needed: Include last 36 months and exclude last 12 months from last_purchase_date when creating this segment

Loyalty Members

Use Case: Tailor messaging by your loyalty membership tiers
Column/Attribute Needed: loyalty_tier or comparable
Filter(s) Needed: Include ‘contains’ {your-loyalty-tier} from loyalty_tier when creating this segment

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