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Cloud Storage Technical Reference

Alli Cloud Storage is a cloud storage solution backed by Amazon S3 that’s specific to an individual client. Every client is Alli has it’s own cloud storage bucket and encryption key used to encrypted every file in the bucket.

Downloading Files from Cloud Storage

To download files, excluding files that contain personally identifiable information, you may navigate to:


This downloads the file direclty from Amazon S3 with a temporary link that lasts only a few minutes. Usually these URLs are generated via an Marketplace app:

from urllib.parse import urlencode

client_id = os.environ['ALLI_CLIENT_ID']
filename = os.environ['ALLI_S3_KEY_PREFIX']+'your_filename_here.csv'

query_string = urlencode({'file': filename})

download_link = f'{client_id}/download?{query_string}'


For more information see How to Read and Write Files to a Client's S3 Bucket.

Working on Alli’s staging environment? Use in the download links.

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