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Instructions for Adding Location Insights Dashboard in Alli

This article covers the steps to set-up the location insights dashboard.

Before You Start

  1. Make sure you have edit access to the PMG Location Insights Hub Dashboard. Contact the PMG support desk if you need access.

  2. Make sure you add the email of the clients who have Alli access (anyone outside of PMG) for View Access

    1. EX: John Doe from CompanyABC would need to be added to the Dashboard as View Access

  3. Make sure you have edit access in Alli to pin dashboards

Steps to Pin Dashboard

  1. Go to the client where you want to pin the dashboard and navigate to the “Dashboards” tab

  2. If there isn’t an “Insights Hub” tab on the top banner for the user to click on, we need to create that. (If there is, you can skip to step 5)

  1. Click “Edit on the top Banner and select “Add Section” and name the Section “Insights Hub” and click Next.

  1. Now the section was created successfully

  1. Click the “Add New Visualization” Button and name it “Location Insights” and click “Next”

  1. Now we need to Select the Type of Dashboard as “Data Studio”

  1. Now follow the direction on the screen - 

In Data Studio:

  1. In Edit mode, click the "File" menu toolbar, and navigate to "Embed report".

  1. Click the checkbox next to "Enable embedding" if it is not already checked.

  1. Choose the button next to "Embed Code" and copy the code from the text box.

In this page:

  1. Paste into the "Embed Code" input box to the left.

  1. Click the "Save" button to save your settings

  2. Save was successful, there will be a new section called “Insights Hub with the Location Insights dashboard.

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