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How To: Submit a properly detailed request

Information you’ll need to provide

Here is a list of important information your request will need:

  1. Request Type - This helps to channel your request to the correct Team for resolution.

  2. Subject - Write a clear and concise Summary: Imagine you’re the one reading the summary. Is it concise, clear, and understandable with no other context?

    • Good: “Error Deploying Six Flags Audiences to Liveramp - Bad: “alli error

    • Good: “Alli & BQ Access for new Analyst, client(s) name(s) - Bad: “access needed

  3. Detailed Description - The following questions will help you come up with a detailed description.

    • What are you trying to accomplish?

    • What was your expected outcome?

    • What was your actual outcome?

    • What have you tried (if you’ve tried anything)?

    • What happened when you tried those things?

  4. Priority - You will need to choose a priority, in order to bring the proper attention to your request. There are priorities for internal Engineering use, so the priorities you’ll focus on are those marked P1 - P4. Priority here does not mean urgency. It means, “what is the impact to PMG, the client, your own workflow”. Included is a list to help you decide which to classify.

    1. P1 - Major System Disruption
      * Outage for all users
      * Operations can’t continue
      * No acceptable workaround

    2. P2 - Severe System Disruption
      * Outage for substantial amount of users
      * Serious disruption to operations
      * No acceptable workaround

    3. P3 - Single Function Failure
      * Outage for some users
      * Single business process impaired
      * Workaround available but not sustainable.

    4. P4 - Minor issue, request, question
      * Issue can be addressed with manageable workaround

  5. Additional Helpful Information

    1. screenshots

    2. error messages - please copy the error message text so that Support/Engineers can further investigate the error without the chance of mis-typing the message

    3. link - if there is a url related, such as a datasource, or view associated with the process, please provide it.


NOTE: you may not have all of the above information, listed in “Additional Helpful Information”, for every request. The portal will show you required fields, depending on your Request Type.

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