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Alli Pacing (Deprecated)


Alli Pacing is a tool where every channel and client can make sure their budgets are pacing correctly and you are not at risk of under or overspending.

If you have issues please file a service desk ticket


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Brianna Gaskill

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The goal of Alli Pacing is to ensure any client, no matter what budget or flight, you can easily track the flight and if you are spending evenly. You just have to fill out a google sheet and track your spending in a Datastudio report.

Set up

To set up the Google Sheet, all you have to do is copy the following Google Sheet by going to File > Make a copy. Feel free to name it whatever you want, just make sure the drive is Alli Pacing.

Filling out the sheet

Going by each column :

Approved - When you are done filling out the line item, simply click on the checkbox and on Alli Pacing’s next run, it will pull in this line item.

Client - The client you are filling this sheet out for. If you do not see your client’s name, file a service desk ticket service desk

Channel and Vendor - The channel and Vendor you are filling the sheet out for. You can track cross channel and vendor.

Label - Make your label something that provides complete context of your line item. This is what you will see in your datastudio dashboard.

Account, Campaign, and Adset Inclusions / Exclusions - This is how you will map what will be paced against your budget. This uses matching logic, learn more here. For search, adset and adgroup are interchangeable.

Lifetime Budget - Total Budget you want to pace towards.

Start and End date - Start and end date of your budget.

Once you fill out the sheet and have approved lines, Alli Pacing will automatically start tracking your budgets. You can see the results in the Alli Pacing Datastudio Report.

By the end of that business day, you do not see your client in this datastudio report, reach out to the #data-innovation channel in Slack with a link to your filed service desk ticket and let the channel know you set up the Google Sheet but data doesn’t seem to flowing through correctly - they will be able to help you.

Next Steps

You can set up a URL to Screenshot alert to take a picture of the pacing dashboard and send it to any slack channel.

To do that, go to this datastudio report, filter for your client, grab the URL, and put that in your URL to Screenshot Slack App!

You will notice the Datastudio report is different from the report earlier but that is to ensure the screenshot app has access to take a picture. All the info is the same.

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