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App Templates Overview

Only Marketplace power users can create Templated Apps.

A Templated App is an App that allows you to execute code that has been provided for you in a Template. A Template is a special construct in Alli Marketplace that authorized users can create to do things for you. 

Let's say your friendly neighborhood Data Innovation coworker knows how to write Python and you don't. They can write some Python to do something to make your job easier. Then, they create a Template that you can use to run the code on Alli Marketplace. The Template creator provided you with options for input to make running the code simple and easy. 

Creating a Templated App

To create a Templated App, navigate to the “Manage” page within any client

 From here, you can select to “Add Template”

Next, select the code language you’re using for your app, in this example we’re adding a Python App Template

You should see the following page which allows you to set a name, description, which python packages are required to run your code, and more

For additional details on what each section means, click here: App Process & Development Deep Dive

Once your app is set up, click save. If your app is published, your app will now be available for Marketplace users to use!

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