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Bash App

Bash Apps allow you to run Bash code on Alli Marketplace's infrastructure in isolation. 

Learning Bash is left to the reader, but its rewards are vast. Once you are familiar enough to run Bash locally, you should be good to go running it on Alli Marketplace. 


In addition to the common configuration, there is some extra configuration required for these Apps. 

External Dependencies

The Bash Apps run inside Docker containers running a Debian image. You can ignore that last sentence if you realize that commands required in your Bash scripts come from what are called Packages in the Linux world. 

If you are writing Bash on your own machine, then you likely already know what commands are required from external dependencies. Those package names go in the Packageswidget in the configuration. 

Here is the site to see and search for all available packages in Alli Marketplace. 

Your script

The Bash script invoked in the Execution should return an exit code of 0 to indicate a successful run. Any other exit code indicates failure. 

Additionally, your script should stop its work if it receives a SIGTERM (15) signal. 


Multiple Bash Apps can run at a single time. The exact number for maximum parallel Bash Executions depends on system load, but defaults to 8 under normal conditions. 

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