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Brand Media Pacing Datastudio Dashboard

This tools allows you to aggregate brand media flowcharts into one helpful view in Datastudio

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Get Started

This setup is reliant on a Alli Data report set up by the PMG analytics team.

Alli Marketplace App Setup

  • The Marketplace App is called Brand Media Pacing Datastudio Dashboard

  • There are five fields to fill out:

    • dcm_datasource

      • this is where you will put the analytics DCM datasource

      • i.e. public.al_{clientname}__display_dcm_placement_on_revenue

    • email_datasource_cost

      • This is where you will input the datasource that includes the emailed cost files

      • i.e. al_{clientname}.display_email_partner_cost

    • email_datasource_impressions

      • This is where you will input the datasource that includes the emailed impressions files

      • i.e. al_{clientname}.display_email_partner_impressions

    • flowchart

  • project_name

    • This is where you will name the file you’re uploading

    • ie.) {clientname}_Flowchart_(Current Date)

Alli Data data source setup

Once you save & run the Alli Marketplace App, the aggregated data gets sent to an s3 bucket. In order to access the aggregated data in Alli Data, complete the following:

  • Create a new s3 datasource in Alli Data

  • Input the following fields accordingly:

  • Run the following SQL in Alli Data Reporting → Explorer using the “Custom Redshift” report type to download the csv file, and drag it into the “Define Your Data” section:

    • SELECT * FROM {clientname}.brand_media_pacing

  • Finally, save the datasource, and click on load data.

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