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Getting started with Alli Marketplace

Alli Marketplace was created to help solve customer problems with a series of endless, customizable apps. Theoretically, the Marketplace can do anything. It can move data from one place to another. It can screenshot and scrape data landing pages. It can set up slack and email alerts based on unique needs. All apps can be prototyped to quickly create solutions across the company. Alli Marketplace saves time and can help remove manual human errors.

By the end of this tutorial you will be able to:

  • Set up a new Custom Alert App for your client

  • Schedule when the app should run


  1. From the left-hand side navigation, select Marketplace. This will show all of the custom apps that are currently set up for the selected customer. 

  2. From the left hand side navigation, select Marketplace. This will show a list of all apps, segmented by the Most Popular and searchable with the search bar.

  3. From the top hand navigation, select Browse to see all Apps that are available. 

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