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How to Use Alli Client Credentials to Connect to Google Cloud (BigQuery)

Marketplace provides two environment variables related to Google Cloud which can be used to connect to Google Cloud and big query:

  • ALLI_GOOGLE_CLOUD_CREDENTIALS this is a file path. The file contains credential info that can be passed into

  • ALLI_GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT This is the project name and can be used to in big query connections and table names

Python Example

import os
from google.auth import load_credentials_from_file
from import bigquery

credentials, _ = load_credentials_from_file(os.environ['ALLI_GOOGLE_CLOUD_CREDENTIALS'])

bq = bigquery.Client(credentials=credentials, project=os.environ['ALLI_GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT'])

datasets = list(bq.list_datasets())

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