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Node App

A Node App is an App type that allows you to run NodeJS code seamlessly on Alli Marketplace's infrastructure in isolation. 

Learning NodeJS is left to the reader. Once you understand how to write Node you should be good to go setting up Node Apps. 


In addition to the common configuration, there is some extra configuration required for these Apps. 

 Screen capture of the Node App configuration

External Dependencies

Node comes with NPM as its package manager. The Node Apps come with Node and NPM installed for you. 

npm install is called on all Node App before your code starts to run. This provides a simple way for all of your code's dependent package to get installed before your code does what it needs to. 

Your Script

The Node script invoked in the Execution should return an exit code of 0 to indicate a successful run. Any other exit code indicates failure. 

Additionally, your script should stop its work if it receives a SIGTERM (15) signal. 

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