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TheTradeDesk - Brand Safety Alerts


Check the rails set for campaigns at the ad group level under any advertiser on TheTradeDesk.

The app will check for all active campaigns and any campaigns starting in the next specified number of days.

The app will then check the ad groups for missing rails and/or any issues within the rails.

If any issues are found or if rails are missing, an alert will be sent to the specified channel with a CSV file that contains all the issues.

Alli App: TheTradeDesk - Brand Safety Alerts

Checks Made:

Site/App - Checks whether a Block List is Applied
Private Contract - Checks whether the Market Type is ‘Private Market Only’
Display Viewability- Checks whether the rate is above the user specified threshold
Display Brand Safety - Checks whether it is Applied


How-To Guide

  1. Search for ‘TheTradeDesk - Brand Safety Alerts’ and click '+' .

  1. Fill in the following fields in the ‘New App’ page.

    1. Name - Name the app: { client_name } - TTD - Brand Safety Alerts.

    2. Advertiser ID - Enter the Advertiser ID for the specific client from TheTradeDesk.

      i.e. - The Advertiser ID in this would be ‘rsfd4iz’

    3. Days Ahead - Check campaigns starting this amount of days ahead. i.e. - If the value is '3', the app will check all campaigns starting today or in the next 3 days.

    4. Slack Channel - Slack Channel to which the QA file will be sent.

    5. Display Viewability Rate - Set the rate threshold to check for display viewability. Any percentage under this value will flag the Ad Group.

  1. If there are any rails missing or issues found in any of the ad groups based on your settings, you will receive an alert in your provided slack channel.

Sample Output

If you have further questions, please reach out to Alli Solutions and we will be happy to assist!

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