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How-to schedule a product feed


  1. In the list of client feeds, navigate to the feed that you want to schedule. 

  2. image-20240219-210434.png

    Once on the feed setup page, select Scheduled Imports


  3. Here, you can see all schedules for the feed and when they'll run next. Click the blue New Schedule button to add a new schedule.

  4. Select New Schedule. Now we can set up our feed schedule.

    1. Name your new feed schedule

    2. Select what datasources you want to schedule with your selected actions. (ie only need to import and filter 1 datasource every hour but want deploy the whole feed at another time) Selecting no datasources will import all datasources. 

    3. Set your preferred run time for the schedule. These will run in CST. 

    4. Set your preferred run days for the schedule. 

    5. Select actions you want to occur after the feed imports. You must select all the actions you would like to take after importing.

  5. Save! Your newly created schedule will now appear in the list of schedules for the feed and will run at the next available time. 


Example: The above schedule will import all datasources every day at 9 am, and then will import and deploy the data.


Example: The above schedule will import only the Acme Meta - Alli Data 1 datasource at 9 am, and will only deploy data.

  • If there are other datasources set up in the feed, they will not import

  • The feed will not be filtered

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