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How to Setup a new Adobe Analytics Integration

To setup a new Adobe Analytics integration, you will need to have Admin access to create Adobe Analytics Applications as well as Developer accounts.

Step 1

Create a new project at

Select the applicable organization in the upper right navigation

Select ‘Create a new project’

Now select ‘Edit Project’ and update the project name to a desired name.

Step 2

Add an Adobe Analytics connection to your project

Select Add to Project > API > Adobe Analytics > Service Account (JWT)

Click to Generate a Key Pair and a will be downloaded onto your machine.

Click Next.

Select a Product Profile that has all Adobe Analytics permissions included and for which you have been added as a developer. If no profiles have AA API Access, then you’ll have to create one from within the Admin Console of the Adobe Experience Cloud. Now Save.

Step 3

Send Information to the Alli Team.

The Alli team will require the following information, sent via 1Password:

The file from step 2 + Client ID, Client Secret, Technical Account ID, Organization ID, as well as the Company Name / ID of the Omniture instance.

An additional piece of information needs to be shared is the globalCompanyId which can be found in the Adobe Experience URL. This value usually contains a name and number, see below screenshot of where it can be located:

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