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How To Pause Google Adgroups using Alli Actions

Create Your Google Sheet

  1. Navigate to the template, duplicate and rename the sheet

    1. Do not change the tab names

  2. Fill out the sheet accordingly

    1. Ad Group Id - the id of the adgroup you’d like to pause

    2. Status - the desired status. Choose from the 3 dropdown options

    3. Date to Pause - what date to pause the ad group on

Create Your Alli Action

  1. Navigate to your client in Alli Actions

  2. Click Create Action and select the Google Ads Ad Group Status Change action type

  3. Name your Action and select an authenticated account. It should be one that has access to the client you are trying to adjust adgroup statuses in

    1. If you do not see an authenticated account, follow the instructions before creating your alli action

  4. Select Google Sheets as your source

  5. In the Google Sheet configuration, copy and paste the url to your google sheet, and place DO NOT TOUCH: TODAYS PAUSES in the sheet name section

  6. Save your action, and create a schedule if relevant. Ensure you finish your action by clicking Publish

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