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Open AI x Alli Performance Max FAQ

Was the Legal Team involved?

Yes, we have the green light from PMG’s Legal department to use OpenAi for generative content. To see the OpenAI x PMG contract, you can reach out to the legal team in #legal Slack channel.

Is my data being used by just my client or is it being used to power the model for other clients?

Your data is only ever leveraged by your client in Alli; each client is limited to leveraging its own Performance Max version history as the learning model for the brand. Alli for Google Performance Max will never use share your version history or data with other clients within Alli to generate responses.

How is my data being used by OpenAI?

Your data is only leveraged for the training data of Alli for Google Performance Max, your version history/data is not shared with OpenAI to be used in any other context (ie to train other models outside of the organization)

Prior to launch, we completed the OpenAI Data Opt Out Request, which opts PMG data out of being used to improve the OpenAI model.

Can I or should I use the generated copy in my performance max campaigns or other campaigns?

PMG’s POV - To read in full, download PMG’s Generative AI POV here, but a few choice and relevant quotes to consider below:

  • “Content Ownership Remains Unclear: Until there are clear legal frameworks for identifying content ownership—and as active complaints wind their way through the legal system—there’s an increased risk of copyright infringement by using AI-generated art and imagery for commercial purposes like advertising.”

  • “Like all emerging technologies, PMG recommends marketers adopt a test-and learn approach to explore the capabilities of generative AI models. It’s important to exercise caution if utilizing AI outputs for commercial purposes, such as AI generated images, as the legal use of AI-generated content for enterprise brands remains unclear.”


AI Generated Output Usage Articles


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