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Alli SFTP vs Regular SFTP for alli audiences

Alli SFTP is built on top of the regular SFTP.

This means that there isn’t any change in functionality for how clients & team sending the data would interact with it but that it makes it easier for the engineers to develop new features.

Regular SFTP allows you to send files to SFTP destinations if your client requires it. They will provide you with credentials for this and you can set it up for activation. Keep in mind that this will be a different connection from the import.

These are the differences between a regular SFTP and Alli SFTP


Regular SFTP

Needs creation of an Alli SFTP user

Needs creation of an SFTP connection

Automatically imports files as soon as they are sent

Automatically imports files within 30 minutes of them being sent

Easier to set up

Takes more time and steps to set up

Cannot send information out of alli audiences

Can be used to send information out of alli audiences

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