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CRM List Reference in alli audiences

When trying to write SQL Queries, you might have come across the CRM List Reference button.

When clicked, this button will pop up a window that displays your client's audience lists, and the tables in which their respective data is stored. Go ahead and click the button. You should see something similar to this:

What we see in this menu is actually two parts. The first part is the audience list name, denoted by all information prior to each left brace [ { ].

In the above screenshot, we see the following CRM Lists: 

  1. Transactions

  2. CH Purchase Outlet

  3. Not Emailable Customers

  4. etc.

The second part of each CRM List is the ID of the database table in which the respective data is stored. The table ID starts at the left brace and ends with the right brace.
In the above screenshot, we see the following database tables: 

  1. {trans-a2a9dc23-9196-4923-ae93-1c0fb41fea17}

  2. {trans-082560ac-c9c4-4a8a-889f-fbbeea1cd88c}

  3. {crm-c39d2a04-cfc1-49c9-b8ba-c78d5f0350fe}

  4. etc.

If we wish to query the Transactions List, we would use the following table: {trans-a2a9dc23-9196-4923-ae93-1c0fb41fea17}. 

To copy the table id - simple click on that table.

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