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Customer Match Uploader Authentication


This article covers how to log into customer match uploader allowing you to activate and send audiences to them for targeting on your campaigns.


  1. Unlike other deployments - customer match uploader doesn’t require you to log in.

  2. All you need to use the customer match uploader is the customer ID for where you want to send audience to - in the platform of your choice and the type of product you are sending audiences to. One of the 4 following choices:

Product Type

Use Case


When pushing audiences to a publisher on behalf of a client (i.e. Vice)


Pushing audiences to a client account via Alli Google CMU


Publishing Audiences via google CMU to DV360


Publishing Audiences via google CMU to DV360

To push audiences using CMUs requires Google to whitelist accounts. To get a publisher or account whitelisted either add it using the authorization instructions below or reach out to a Google rep to whitelist PMGs MCC account ID: 989-603-6301

Authorization instructions:

dv360 (2).gif

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