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Google Ads Authentication


This article covers how to log into google ads allowing you to activate and send audiences to them for targeting on your campaigns.


  1. Navigate to the Settings page in Alli Audiences - you can find this page by clicking the three dots up the top right

  2. Navigate to Google Ads and copy your Google Customer/Account ID - this has to be the parent MCC id for your client.

  1. Return to Alli Audiences and paste the ‘Google Customer ID’ into the ‘Google Ads Customer ID’ field


  2. Click the Save button

  1. Click the Google Ads button under ‘Manage Logins’

  2. Click the Login with Google Ads button up the top right


  3. Complete the google authentication screen, once this is done your email will appear in the table as an authenticated user


Audiences will be able to access all Ad Accounts to which the authenticating user(s) has access. Inputting the Ad Account ID in step 2 simply sets the default.

You can add multiple logins. If your customer has multiple Ad Accounts, they will all be available for selection during audience activation setup.

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