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How-to Report & Activate PlaceIQ Audiences (Programmatic)


We have great rate discounts for syndicated and custom audiences from PlaceIQ through our data licensing partnership with Alli, and these audiences are able to be activated in every major DSP. Rates outlined here:

  • Demographic Audiences - $0.60 CPM

    • This rate is standard for all agencies/partners, not specific to PMG

  • Syndicated Audiences - $0.75 CPM

  • Custom Audiences - $1.00 CPM

How do we use these rate efficiencies? When I look at PlaceIQ audiences in the DSP, I see higher costs than these outlined rates.

  • To capture these efficiencies for syndicated audiences, please do the following:

    • Find the PlaceIQ syndicated audiences you would like to activate in the DSP, and send the full names of those audiences in an email to Marissa,, and Melissa,

    • Marissa’s team will confirm receipt, and manually revise the CPM fee of each audience you’ve selected to be $0.75 CPM instead of the declared rate in platform within 5 business days.

    • Once Marissa has confirmed this is complete, then you can activate the PlaceIQ audiences at the revised rate

Custom audiences are not as complex, as they are not in the DSP already but are custom-created and pushed to the DSP of your choice at your direction. To activate these, simply reach out to Marissa,, with the audiences you want created and pushed, and the DSP of your choice, and PlaceIQ will create and push the audiences with the $1.00 CPM fee.

Please find additional documentation from PlaceIQ here on the PHUB:


At the beginning of the month, Madison will send a message in the #programmatic channel with a form to fill out if you used PlaceIQ audiences in the previous month.

You will need to self-report the amount of impressions you ran with PlaceIQ audiences, along with the CPM for those audiences. Nothing needs to be reflected in your client billing files, only in this self-report form. 

  • The purpose of this form is to track PlaceIQ usage across the agency, as well as to reduce the monthly amount that PMG pays PlaceIQ for the monthly licensing fee

    • IE PMG will always pay PlaceIQ $7,500/month for licensing data to power the Alli Location Insights Dashboard. However, if you spend $1,000 on PlaceIQ audiences via your client’s spend, PMG will only need to pay PlaceIQ $6,500

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