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How to Do Initial Setup for Creative Insights

This how-to article covers the steps for initial setup of Creative Insights.

Before You Start

To successfully complete this how-to, you will need access to all Facebook Business Manager Ad Accounts and Pages for the client you are setting up. It is encouraged that the Social Account Lead for the client you are attempting to onboard is the one that sets up them up on Creative Insights.

It’s also important to be aware that you should not be making imports for “glob” clients like Gap, as you will not be able to filter between sub clients like Athleta and Old Navy within Creative Insights. If you need to onboard a sub client and the schema has not been created, submit a ticket here.


  1. Navigate to your client at

  2. Click on the three dots and then the ‘settings’ button.

  3. Click ‘Edit’ on the Facebook or Campaign Manager cards.

  4. For Campaign Manager, simply select a date range (1 year recommended) and then ‘Load Data’

  5. For Facebook, click ‘Connect Facebook’

  6. Click ‘Continue as {your name}’ in the Facebook authorization popup. This popup will close once you click.

  7. Back in Creative Insights, you will see your Facebook authorization token appear under Account Authorizations.

  8. Select a date range for an initial backfill of Creative Insights

    1. We recommend 1 year.

    2. Once you’ve done your initial backfill, Creative Insights will automatically pull in new creative and performance data every day going forward.

  9. Once you’ve selected your date range, click ‘Load Data’ to import.

  10. After clicking ‘Load Data’, you should see a notification appear confirming your backfill and date range.

  11. Wait 1-2 hours for the initial backfill to process.

  12. Visit to uncover creative insights!

Instructional Video

View this video to see an example of how to set-up a client in Alli.

Cheers! You’ve successfully setup Creative Insights.


  • Make sure that you have access to the Alli Core table that you’re running an import with. Use the following steps to request access to the needed table:

    1. Go to the #alli-data Slack channel

    2. Use the /addredshiftuser command

    3. Enter your email as the “username”

    4. Enter the Alli Core table name as the “table”

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