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How to view your creative through its PreviewURL

With PreviewURLs you can see exactly how your ad looks on its native platform, whether it’s a static image, a video, or a carousel, in real-time!

There are two ways to view a creative’s Preview:

  • By clicking on the image through the Ad Details section in creative insights

  • By building the URL

Building the PreviewURL string:

You’ll need to know only three pieces of information to build your URL:

  1. Client Id: Found after /project/ in the URL if you navigate to the Reporting tab


2. Vendor: Currently, Creative Insights supports both facebook and cm360

3. Image id: This will be the ad_id for Meta’s ads, and creative_id for CM360’s ads.

Once you have these 3 strings, you can build your PreviewURL as follows:{client_id}/{vendor}/preview/{id}

Paste in your browser’s search bar and get a live preview of your creative!

** Note (Meta only): Replacing preview with image will show you the screenshot Creative Insights stores in the database, as opposed to the dynamic, interactive view that preview will return **

Clicking through Ad Details:

  1. In Alli Creative Insights, clicking on any creative will lead you to that creative’s Ad Details page.

2. Once in there, simply click on the image again. A new tab will open with the preview of your ad!

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