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Publishing a Template

Publishing a template is changing its state from the initial Draft state to either Enabled Internal or Public.

Enabled Internal: Templates created by PMG teams that can only be used by other PMG teams

Public: Template available in Alli Marketplace for any client(PMG & non-PMG).

How do you request your template to be published as Enabled Internal and Public:

In order to do this you’ll have to have the template QA’d that means:

  • All description fields (description, preview, setup, and overview) are filled out and anyone could create an app based on reading these instructions.

  • Template variables are easy to understand, and anyone who did not create the app can figure out what is required for each one.

  • The code uses no hard-coded client information or client-specific environment variables.

  • The code exists in a GitHub repo and is either referenced directly or if using Node/R is in a zip folder that copies the repo.

  • The branch of the repo that you’re building your script on has gone through the PR process and has been approved by at least two members of the Technical team.

  • All variables that are sensitive must use the password variable type.

Not required but the output should be well logged and easy to read. This isn't a requirement but will make QAing apps built on the template easier for support teams.

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