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This is PMG’s integration of the Bing Reporting API. It has the ability to pull the full previous day’s data as well as getting hourly reports.





API Documentation

Sunset Date

No information about v13 sunset date as of 10/06/2023


Refresh Time (CST)

8:00 am daily

Default backfill

If requesting real-time data, new data will be available after 3 hours.

Alli Data Library

(tick) (error)

Getting Started

In order to complete the setup process, you will be required to select the accounts you want to pull data from in the Additional Configuration section.

You can select multiple or all accounts available by holding down Shift or Command/Ctrl while clicking your accounts.

If additional accounts are added to your Client, you will need to manually go back into the settings to add them to your datasource.


You will also need to select the type of report you want to pull from the dropdown menu. The currently supported reports are:

  • AccountPerformanceReport

  • AdDynamicTextPerformanceReport

  • AdGroupPerformanceReport

  • AdPerformanceReport

  • AudiencePerformanceReport

  • CampaignPerformanceReport

  • KeywordPerformanceReport

  • SearchQueryPerformanceReport

  • DSAAutoTargetPerformanceReport

  • ProductPartitionPerformanceReport

Required Authorization

To authorize the accounts, you will need to sign in using your Bing account.


Define your Data

Account Performance Report Columns

Ad Dynamic Text Performance Report Columns

Ad Group Performance Report Columns

Ad Performance Report Columns

Audience Performance Report Columns

Campaign Performance Report Columns

Keyword Performance Report Columns

Search Query Performance Report Columns

DSA Auto Target Performance Report Columns

Product Partition Performance Report Columns

API Endpoints

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