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Alli Data Library v2.0.0-rc.24

Release Date

Sep 18, 2023

These changes are inclusive of version Data Engineering - Release - v2.0.0-rc.22 which contains updates of new report campaign_assets addition in Googleads package and Display bug fixes. Please check under updated changes section for more info.

ADL 2.0 - v2.0.0-rc.24 has below changes:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed unknown quality operator error in stg__ad_performance


New and updated changes:

unknown quality operator error in stg__ad_performance

This update ensures proper type casting in stg__ad_performance model to resolve unknown quality operator error for several customers.

Add campaign_asset report in GoogleAds [DE-1778]

  • This change brings in the campaign_asset report available at the googleads package as googleads__campaignasset_performance.

The below step is optional and only applies IF:

googleads_insights_campaignasset datasource is missing under Alli datasources for a client.

  • To implement this change to a client, make sure to add the googleads_insights_campaignasset datasource to your client by following this onboarding doc and create datasources for Googleads package and backfill the datasource from required dates. Then refer the refreshing ADL 2.0 report to build the googleads__campaignasset_performance model to your client.

  • This report type supports in creating an TBSEM09 Sitelinks alert to flag campaigns that have less that 4 total sitelinks applied. Please refer the TBSEM09 Migration document for implementing this.

Display Bug fixes for all clients [DE-1991, DE-1989]

This fix resolved Teads and Quantcast data matching across ADL 1.0 and ADL 2.0 as expected for Redshift

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