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Alli Data Library v2.0.0-rc.26

Release Date

These changes are inclusive of version Alli Data Library v2.0.0-rc.25 which contains logic changes for catelog_sales Pinterest Campaigns. Please see the linked document for those changes.

ADL 2.0 - v2.0.0-rc.26 has below changes:


  • DE-1890 Core Categorization - social_asc is now available in ADL 2.0

Bug Fixes:

  • DE-1966 Fixes ADL 2.0 ad_performance table over reporting DV360 metrics


New and updated changes:

Select the tag v2.0.0-rc.26 in the ADL 2.0 refresh App and execute it to reflect the below listed changes to your client.

Core Categorization social_asc available in ADL 2.0 [DE-1890]

social_asc Categorization has been implemented across all clients. Refer Core Categorizations in Data Library 2.0 | Social-ASC for more information.

Fixed ADL 2.0 ad_performance table over reporting DV360 cost [DE-1966]

This change will de-duplicate if the trueview data exists in the dv360_insights_ad model and in dv360_insights_ad_trueview by adding a custom filter to remove duplication. Also parses cm_placement_id from the trueview adgroup column, filter_trueview_ad_group, within the dv360_insights_ad_trueview datasource.

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