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FTP/SFTP Datasource




API Documentation

Sunset Date


Refresh Time (CST)

3AM, 6AM, 9AM, 12PM, 3PM, 6PM, 9PM

Default backfill


Alli Data Library

(tick) (error)

Getting Started


Username: Should be a username created by the dev team given to you or in 1password

Password: Should be a password created by the dev team given to you or in 1password

Directory: usually /writeable , but if your sftp user includes multiple folders, just make sure it goes into the correct folder.

Filename: When configuring the filename, you can use regex to dynamically match the file names. If your regex matches more than one file name, then it will process all the matches.

Port: 22

Required Authorization



  1. Once a file has been processed, it must be manually renamed to be processed again.

  2. Any datasource with the credentials that have access to the SFTP can process any of the files in the SFTP.

Define your Data

You will need to manually define your dimensions and metrics during setup.

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