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Google Ads

Datasource to handle connection to the Google Ads Platform





API Documentation

Google Ads API Docs || Google Ads API Report Docs || Sunset Dates

Sunset Date

End of January 2024 (as of Oct 2023)



Refresh Time (CST)

6 am

Default backfill

1st of the month 31 days, all others 7 days

Alli Data Library


Google Ads requires a Google account with access to Google Ads. You can check which profiles you have access to by visiting Google Ads.

  1. Once you have an account with Google Adwords access, simply click the "Request Google Adwords Access" button.

  2. This will lead to a page to select your Google account

  3. The next step is to select a Google AdWords Client/Customer ID. You can select as many clients as you want but keep in mind this will increase the amount of data that it will intake and in turn increase the run time

The Google ads API has about 50 different report types that include metrics and more than 50 others that don’t include metrics.

Resources with metrics: Reports containing access to metrics

Resources without metrics: Reports without access to metrics

The Google ads API has an exhaustive list of metrics for use with any report with access to them

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