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Google Campaign Manager


Datasource to handle the api connection to the Campaign Manager 360 API

Formerly called Doubleclick for Advertisers





API Documentation

Sunset Date

None Listed for v4 as of 04/04/2024


Refresh Time (CST)


Default backfill


Alli Data Library



Standard Report Dimensions

Reach Report Dimensions

Conversion Dimensions

Per Interaction Dimensions

Floodlight Report Dimension

Path Report Dimensions

Path Attribution Report Dimensions


Standard Report Metrics

Activity Metrics

Reach Report Metrics

Path to Conversion Report Metrics

Cross Dimension Reach Report Metrics

Cross Dimension Reach Report Overlap Metrics

Floodlight Report Metrics

Path Report Metrics

Path Attribution Report Metrics

Getting Started

  1. Once you have an account with Google Campaign manager access, simply click the "Request Google Campaign Manager Access" button.

  2. This will lead to a page to select your Google account

  3. In the additional config it will ask you to select the profile you want to use, these are usually separate to clients.

  4. Then it will allow you to select from report types which are reports you have create via the Campaign manager platform

This datasource only pulls reports that you have already created in the Campaign Manager 360 UI.

You can the location to create these reports under the Offline Reporting section in the CM360 Report Builder.

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