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Google Display & Video 360


Datasource to handle the connection to the Google DV360 platform

Formerly Doubleclick Bid Manager





API Documentation

Sunset Date

None Listed for V2 as of 04/04/2024


Refresh Time (CST)

6 am

Default backfill

8 days

Alli Data Library


Getting Started

  1. Once you have an account with Google DV360 access, simply click the "Request Google DV360 Access" button.

  2. This will lead to a page to select your Google account

  3. In the additional config it will ask you for the Partner ID and Advertiser ID of the account you want to get the data for


Ad-hoc report executions per day

  • Limits the number of ad-hoc reports a user can run in a 24-hour period.

  • Users are granted a default quota of 700 reports every 24 hours.

Define your Data


Filters are DV360’s dimension equivalent




Troubleshooting Google Display & Video 360​

Validating combinations of metrics and dimensions​

Error: The combination of dimensions, metrics, and filters in your report is invalid.

This type of error suggests that you didn't set your query correctly. You cannot combine all the metrics with all dimensions, and after using certain filters the query may break.

As for now, the only way to verify potential combinations of metrics and dimensions is by using the Google Display & Video 360 user interface. Create an offline report and select your preferred field combination and set additional options. If you pick invalid combinations and attempt to save the report, Google DV360 will prompt you to select the appropriate choices. Only after you've selected the correct options will you be able to save the report.

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