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How to Add Pass-Through Metrics into ADL 2.0 Models


This document provides guidance on incorporating pass_through_metrics to the ADL 2.0 Models without the dependence on the Data Engineering team for metric additions. ADL users now have the ability to add metrics to any {platform}-specific ADL data sources, facilitating automatic updates to the {platform} specific DBT models on full refresh App executions. 🎉

This pass-through metrics feature exclusively applies to Metrics. Adding dimensions necessitates an ASD ticket for inclusion into ADL models.

Currently, the pass-through metrics feature is implemented solely on the Meta platform, implementation for other platforms is underway

Please refer to DAGs for platform specific ADL data sources information.
For Meta, ensure that conversion columns are added to facebookads_insights_adconversion, and all general ad-related performance metrics are added to facebookads_insights_ad. Please reach out DE team for further clarification.


ADL 2.0 Data Source Setup

  • Access any platform-specific ADL insights data source and add the required metrics to the {platform}_insights_datasource.


Adding video_continuous_2_sec_watched_actions to facebookads_insights_ad

Backfill Process

  • After the successful addition of metrics, you can Backfill the data source according to your required dates in Alli.

  • Historical Data Backfill Considerations:

    • Ensure to check the minimum date of the insights data source and backfill data up to that point.

    • For platforms such as Meta, Pinterest, and Microsoft, where legacy data exists:

ADL 2.0 APPs Refresh:

  • Upon adding the metrics, simply execute a refresh on the ALL Reports app for BigQuery, Redshift, and Snowflake. (See Building and refreshing a Data Library report )

  • Later, you can query the added metrics in {platform}__{ad/adgroup/campaign/account}_performance models.

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