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Infrastructure Alerts

A non-exhaustive list of the alerts you may see in the #datawarehouse-infra Slack channel and their meanings.

Pingdom Alerts:

Lets you know the status of the Alli Data platform. Up is good, Down is not.

AWS Alarms




Long Running Autoscaling Instances

The number of autoscaling groups hasn’t dropped below 3 for longer than 14 hours.

Queue Backup

There are more than 500 datasource jobs queued for longer than 2 hours.

High Redshift Connections

The number of Redshift connections is higher than 200 for longer than 2 minutes.

No Redshift Automated Snapshots

Fewer than 1 snapshot has been completed over a 12 hour period.

Redshift Unhealthy

The Redshift status is reported as unhealthy with checks every 5 minutes.

This alert also happens when Redshift is automatically restarted during non-peak hours.

Redshift Out of Space

The Redshift disk space is over 90% used for longer than 30 minutes.

Redshift Blocking Queries

A Redshift query or queries have been blocking for longer than 90 minutes.

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