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Onboarding Taboola / Yahoo Native Network to Data Library


  • Access to Taboola API Key ( credentials through 1Password to get Client ID and Client Secret

Please reach out to the Taboola Account Manager to get a client_id and client_secret.

Onboarding Taboola to ADL 2.0:

  • Create the Taboola data source by selecting the Taboola under platform dropdown and execute the Alli Data Library 2.0 - Onboard Platform App (follow this documentOnboarding a platform to Data Library for detailed information)

  • Find the datasource taboola_insights_creative, enter Client Id and Client Secret found within 1Password, and then select the advertiser to onboard

  • Backfill the datasources using Alli Data Library 2.0 - Backfill Platform app for required dates (follow this documentBackfilling data for a platform in Data Library for detailed information)

  • If the Alli Data Library 2.0 - Refresh Marketplace app exists for your customer, add the following variables to the dbt_vars.json file and trigger the App to build the Taboola reports to your client (if the app does not exist, follow Building and refreshing a Data Library report):

"data_library_taboola_enabled": "True"

Datasource Naming Alignment

To provide a seamless integration with the Taboola / Yahoo Native Network, we have aligned the name and description conventions frontend on the Alli Datasource page to match those used by Taboola / Yahoo Native Network directly. Please note, some dimension names visible on the Alli datasource UI - Define your data section will differ when querying the datasource through tools like the Data Explorer / Reports, Bigquery, Redshift, etc.

Taboola UI Name / Alli Datasource UI Name

API / Column name returned to taboola_insights_creative

creative id


creative name




line id


line name


When querying like

select *
from {alli_client_slug}.taboola_insights_creative

The result will show as

For the Taboola reporting within Data Library, we will keep the naming consistent with Tabool / Yahoo Native Network UI. The ADL2.0 filed mapping docs can be found here Data Library 2.0 Field Mapping

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