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This is a native Salesforce data connector which helps ingest reports from Salesforce into Alli Data. The report name is not available in a dropdown and should be supplied by the user.





API Documentation

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Alli Data Library

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Getting Started

Ensure you have enabled api access on your account and have the name of the report ready. The report name needs to be supplied to the connector during the setup.

Required Authorization

  • Grant permission to your data by clicking on the auth button going through the authorization workflow. Login with your Salesforce userID and password.

Want to use another Salesforce account? Log out of your old account in before clicking in auth button


  • This datasource does not yet support user selecting columns, all columns of the report will be pulled in.

Define your Data

During the initial setup, click the + button to add add one default column before you can proceed to the next step

No need to edit any content of the default column, the datasource will automatically fill in all the columns for you 😃

After the initial set up, please do not modify, add or delete any pre-populated columns!

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