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X (formerly Twitter) Ads


The X (formerly Twitter) Ads datasource allows you to capture activity related to your advertisements on the platform.


X (formerly Twitter)


twitter ads v12 / twitter v2

API Documentation

twitter ads / twitter v2

Sunset Date

None as of 04/04/2024



Refresh Time (CST)

3am / Real Time

Default backfill

5 days

Alli Data Library


Before Getting Started

To get started with the X (formerly Twitter) Ads datasource, ensure you have the following:

  • An X (formerly Twitter) account with with Administrator, Ad Manager, or Campaign Analyst permission to an ad account

  • At least 1 campaign set up for your ad account

Required Authorization

Click the button to login to your X (formerly Twitter) account instance and provide Alli access to your ad accounts.

Additional Configurations


Select one or multiple ad accounts that you would like to gather data for.


Select between Ads on Twitter or Ads on Publisher Network depending on where your ads were served.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much historical data can I gather with this datasource?

You are able to backfill up to 2 years of data.

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