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X (formerly Twitter) Organic


The X (formerly Twitter) Organic datasource allows you to capture organic activity related to your ad account’s handle.


X (formerly Twitter)


twitter ads v12 / twitter v1.1

API Documentation

twitter ads / twitter v1.1

Sunset Date

None as of 08/06/2023



Refresh Time (CST)

3am / Real Time

Default backfill

5 days

Alli Data Library


Before Getting Started

To get started with the X (formerly Twitter) Organic datasource, ensure you have the following:

  • An X (formerly Twitter) account with with Administrator, Ad Manager, or Campaign Analyst permission to an ad account.

Required Authorization

Click the button to login to your X (formerly Twitter) account instance and provide Alli access to your ad accounts.

Additional Configurations


Select one or multiple ad accounts that you would like to gather data for.


Select Ads on Twitter to gather data for tweets on X (formerly Twitter).

Available Dimensions and Metrics




Account ID

The ID of the Twitter Ads Account. If promotable users are selected, this will display the user id.

Account Name

The name of the Twitter Account.

Tweet Id

Identifier of the Tweet.

Account Timezone

The timezone for the data in the account.

Tweet Language

The tweet language.

Tweet Text

The tweet's full text

Created Date

The date the tweet was created.

Twitter Handle

The twitter handle.

Metrics Date

The date the metrics occurred.

Tweet Type

The type of tweet.





Total number of engagements


Total number of impressions


Total number of retweets


Total number of replies


Total number of likes


Total number of follows

card engagements

Total number of card engagements


Total number of clicks, including favorites and other engagements

app clicks

Number of app install or app open attempts

url clicks

Number of clicks on linked URLs

qualified impressions

Total number of qualified impressions

video total views

Total number of video views

video views 25

Total number of views where at least 25% of the video was viewed.

video views 50

Total number of views where at least 50% of the video was viewed.

video views 75

Total number of views where at least 75% of the video was viewed.

video views 100

Total number of views where at least 100% of the video was viewed.

video cta clicks

Total clicks on the call to action

video content starts

Total number of video playback starts

video 3s100pct views

Total number of views where at least 3 seconds were played while 100% in view (legacy video_total_views)

video 6s views

Total number of views where at least 6 seconds of the video was viewed


Total number of views where at least 15 seconds of the video or for 95% of the total duration was viewed

Frequently Asked Questions

How much historical data can I gather with this datasource?

You are able to backfill up to 2 years of data.

What is the difference between this datasource, the Ads one, and the Public one?

The Public leverages the paid version of the API which requires a payment plan to be set up prior to enabling, reach out to the support desk for more information.

The Ads datasource follows a similar patterns as this one but will provide you data related to your ad performance rather than organic tweet performance.

What if I have multiple handles I want to gather data for?

To gather data for multiple handles, each handle will need its own ad account set up. Once that’s complete, you can select multiple accounts in the Account setting of the Additional Configurations.

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