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Vistar Media


Vistar Media is a programmatic digital out of home advertising platform that allows businesses to get the most out of outdoor media.


Vistar Media



API Documentation

Sunset Date

None as of 01/22/2024



Refresh Time (CST)


Default backfill

15 days

Alli Data Library

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Before Getting Started

To get started with the Vistar Media datasource, ensure you have the following:

  • Vistar Media username and password

  • A custom report created in the Vistar Media platform with the columns you want to include

Creating A Report In Vistar Media Platform
  1. Navigate to:

  2. Click Reporting

  3. Click Add Report and create New Custom Report

  4. Select the information you want to include in the report

    1. Date range

    2. Timezone

    3. Group by : select columns

    4. Filter options (ie. advertisers, buy_type, campaigns, etc) that will be included in the report

  1. Click Load Report

  2. Click Save Report and name it something you will be able to remember

Additional Configurations


Enter your Vistar Media username.


Enter your Vistar Media password.

Report Type

Select the report that was created in the Vistar Media platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I select or unselect my columns in Alli?

Because the report is created and managed within the Vistar Media platform, there is no need to select columns in Alli.

Can I still update my report in Vistar if it’s used with an Alli datasource?

Adding and removing columns from your report will result in the need for data to be dropped in Alli. If you need another view of your data you should create a new report and a new datasource in Alli.

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