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Vistar Media


The Vistar DSP Reporting API provides data similar to what a user sees in the Reporting view of the DSP.


Vistar Media


API Documentation

Sunset Date

None as of 11/02/2023



Refresh Time (CST)


Default backfill

Alli Data Library

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Getting Started

Because of the way The Vistar Media's DSP Reporting API functions, the report that we want to pull using the API, must first be created in Vistar Media's Reporting dashboard at

  1. Create a report in Reporting dashboard. 

  2. Click the Add Report button in the Reporting page and create an New Custom Report.

Report Content Selections:

  • Date range

  • Timezone

  • Group by : select columns and date range

  • Filter options (ie, advertisers, buy_type, campaigns, etc) that will be included in the report

Click on Load Report to load the report data

Click on Save Report to save the report

Required Authorization


Define your Data

Unfortunately, since the Vistar Media API does not provide the type of columns (dimensions and metrics) by default setting metrics type to Number and except date (as Date) all other dimensions type to String that are included in the report. Dynamically setting all the columns of selected report as dimensions and metrics and all fields are set to required . No need of manually select/unselect dimensions/metrics.

The timeframe of the data included in the report is set within the Reporting UI, so there is no date picker available.

Press Load Data to manually pull the report available from the Vistar Media.

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