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Yahoo DSP (Verizon Media) Ads






API Documentation

Sunset Date

Deprecation and End of Life (EoL) dates have not been set yet for v3 as of 04/04/2024



Refresh Time (CST)

6 AM

Default backfill

7 days

Campaign data collected from events occurring in the previous 6 hours may or may not be available in reports.

Alli Data Library


Getting Started

Required Authorization

In order to get the correct Client Id and Client Secret API Keys, you’ll need to follow the process outlined here, within the One Time Setup Section.

You’ll only be able to copy the Client Id & Client Secret on the initial creation, Please save it in your password manager.

This is tied to your user and not the advertiser ids you work with.

Additional Configuration

Client Id: Generated in the step above

Client Secret: Generated in the step above

Advertiser Ids: Comma Delimited Advertiser Ids


Rate Limits:

Other Limitations:

  • Cannot pull data over 24 months old

  • Report cannot be over 20 GB

  • Only pulls Daily Reports

Define your Data



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