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Yelp Reporting API requests and fetch a report containing daily business/advertiser metrics for a specified list of businesses over a date range.





API Documentation

Sunset Date

None as of 01/23/2024



Refresh Time (CST)


Default backfill


Alli Data Library

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Before Getting Started

To get started with the Yelp datasource, ensure you have the following:

Authentication: The Yelp Fusion API uses private key authentication to authenticate all endpoints. Your private API Key will be automatically generated after you create your app.

Additional Configurations


Enter API Key.

Business Id’s

Enter business ids.

Report Type

Frequently Asked Questions

What authentication method does the API employ, and what specific key is utilized for authentication purposes?

The API uses your Yelp Fusion Api Key for authentication. See Fusion Authentication for details.

How can one retrieve data after making a report request, and what is the typical processing time for a report?

When a request is made for a report, a corresponding report ID will be returned. The report ID can then be used to retrieve data for the requested set of metrics across the requested set of businesses. A report usually takes 30 minutes to process.

Why does the API currently exclude businesses that do not have any reviews when returning data?

at this time, the Business Details API does not return businesses without any reviews.

Define your Data

Press Load Data to manually pull the report .

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