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How-To Activate an Audience to an SFTP

  1. Select the audience/segment you want to send to the SFTP and click “Activate”

  2. Click the SFTP you setup (as part of the prerequisite above)

  3. Fill out the SFTP file drop details

    1. It is recommended to select the checkbox for automatic refreshes. This will ensure a consistent and fresh file drop with new data when available.

    2. “External File Name” is the name of the file that will be dropped onto the SFTP. This should be descriptive to the client/vendor picking up the file. This should also include .csv at the end

      1. Example name: All_Customers_2022.csv

    3. “File Path” can likely stay as-is. For PMG SFTP’s, this should always start with /writeable. If sub-folders are used you may list these as well.

      1. Example: /writeable/drops

  4. Save & Send! Your file will be delivered to the SFTP.

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