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How to Create a Segment to filter down to a specific audience

This how-to covers how to create a segment from an Audience list.


Before starting, make sure you have an audience list available within your client to create a segment from.

  1. Navigate to ‘Segments’ in Alli Audiences and click ‘Create New Segment’.

  2. Select from the pop up the Audience list on which you would like to segment.

  3. Add a name and description to your segment.

  4. Click ‘Preview’ to ensure data is loading correctly.

  5. Add a filter to your list to build your segment

    1. Filters can be applied to any column in your Audience list. You can filter to include or exclude specific customers based on the following conditions.

      1. Please visit Segmenting Best Practices and Use Cases for a running list of examples.

    2. In this case, the only non-hashed field is zip code, so we will create a segment to target customers in Austin, TX using the area’s zip codes with a series of 'Include' filters.

  6. Click ‘Preview’ to inspect the data and view segment size

    1. In this Austin, TX customers segment example, the segment size is likely too small to be useful.

      1. Please visit Segmenting Best Practices and Use Cases for more on segment size recommendations.

  7. Click ‘Save’ to save your segment, or click 'Save & Activate' to go straight to activating to a publisher platform.

Nice! You’ve created a segment from an Audience list.

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