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Alli Data Library 1.0

This document refers the legacy version of Data Library to be deprecated in October of 2023. A newer version was launched in May of 2023. If your customer was onboarded before this date, then they are likely running on the legacy version. If your customer was onboarded on or after this date, then they are likely running on 2.0 only. However, all customers will be upgraded to 2.0 starting in June 2023.

For more information, see: Alli Data Library 2.0


Alli Data Library provides standardized data assets that blend multiple platforms together into a single view. If you write a query for a given client, that query can be ported to any other client that has an Alli Data Library with minimal change.

Database Platforms Enabled

  • Redshift

  • BigQuery

Vendors Integrated

  • Google Ads

  • Microsoft Bing

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • YouTube (via Google Ads)

  • The Trade Desk

  • Bidtellect

  • DV360

  • Verizon DSP (now Yahoo)

  • Pinterest

  • Snapchat

  • Amazon DSP

How to use Data Library

select * from [client]_core.[channel]_[report]

Available Reports

  • account

  • campaign

  • adgroup/adset

  • ad (social and display only)

  • pla (search only)

  • sqr (search only)

  • dsa (search only)

  • keyword (search only)

  • video (social only)

  • inventory (display only)

  • geo

  • placement (display only)


--moving between clients
select * from gap_core.search_keyword limit 100;
select * from michael_kors_core.search_keyword limit 100;

--moving from social to search campaign stats
select * from gap_core.social_campaign limit 100;
select * from gap_core.search_campaign limit 100

Data Explorer

We have built a data explorer dashboard, so you can see the data before you select from it. The dashboard is built in


We also have detailed model/view documentation at To understand how to use these docs visit Data Library Documentation Website


Q: What do I do if I notice that there is a data gap?

A: Send a message in the #alli-data-library channel, and someone from the Data Engineering Team will look into the issue and backfill all the necessary datasources. Tag @support-allidatalibrary in the message if the request is urgent.

Q: What will happen to the data if I change the name of an existing account/campaign/adgroup?

A: The next time Data Library refreshes, the new name will be available for all dates, and the old name will be removed. If you rename an non-active campaign, then we will have to do a Datawarehouse backfill to enable the name within Data Library

Q: What is the process of adding accounts to Data Library?

A: Submit this Alli Service Desk ticket with the client, account names, platforms, and the range of data to backfill if necessary:

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