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Airtable (Live)


The Airtable Live datasource allows you gather data from your Airtable base in real-time rather than on a schedule.




v0 (Metadata API)

API Documentation

Sunset Date

None as of 10.06.2023



Refresh Time (CST)

On change; 2AM

Default backfill


Alli Data Library


Before Getting Started

To get started with the Airtable datasource, ensure you have the following:

  • Access to an Airtable Base

Required Authorization

Click the button to login to your Airtable instance and assign which base you want to give Alli access to.

Additional Configurations

Airtable Base

Select which Airtable Base you want to ingest data from.

Report Type

Select which Airtable Table within your selected Base that you want to ingest data from.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Record ID defaulted as a selected dimension?

The Record ID is the unique identify for each row of data in your Airtable Table and is used as the primary key in the Alli database.

What is the difference between the Airtable and the Airtable Live datasource type?

The main difference between these datasource types is the freshness of the data in Alli. The standard Airtable datasource updates data in Alli every day on a set schedule. The Airtable Live datasource type is constantly updating data in Alli each time there is an update within the Airtable base. This happens because each time the Airtable saves, it sends a notification to Alli that there are updates to the data and Alli should refresh it’s data.

What limitations should I be aware of with this datasource type?

Currently, this datasource type can only save data to your Redshift database.

How can I query the data from this datasource type?

The data can be queried through Alli Data Explorer’s Custom SQL option (Tutorial). Additionally, this data is saved in a slightly different location and requires the client slug to be slightly altered in the query. For example, if I have a datasource in my Demo client named test_live_airtable, I can query this data by doing: select * from demo_external.test_live_airtable.

How is data updated in Alli?

The Airtable Live datasource type will do a full replace of data on each load.

Does this datasource support parent-child relationships?

The Airtable Live datasource type does not currently support parent-child relationships.

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