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Cross Channel Categorizations in Alli Data Library

Each ADL client has a core_media_channel categorization available that enables client teams to funnel a given combination of account, campaign, and ad group names into the Search, Social, or Display views regardless of which ad network the platform serves to

Currently the categorization is viable for funneling data from a platform into a channel that already contained that platform.

For example, in ADL Google Ads has been mapped to Search, Social, and Display so re-directing among the channels will work. Bidtellect has only been mapped to Display in ADL so re-directing Bidtellect data into Search or Social views is not possible.


The core_media_channel exists for all ADL enabled clients.

In this example the platform, account, campaign, and ad group names

  • Google Ads

  • Ideas Collide Marketing Communications

  • Indie Films 2020

  • Ashok Patel

are set to serve exclusively to Google’s YouTube Ads ad network, designated by the ad_network_type field in the raw API data. The core_media_channel cat overwrites this field as search. Downstream, ADL catches instances of this platform, account, campaign, adgroup combo and funnels them into the search views.

Allowed values for the categorization are search, social, and display

The resulting data sets:

Note that the 65 YouTube Ads records that had lived in social_adset were moved to search_adgroup

Not all 4 levels need to be specified. The macro can be applied for an entire account, campaign, or even platform

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