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Alli Data Library v2.0

Release Date

ADL v2.0 quick hits

  • DE-1952 Metric Reach is available in ADL 2.0

  • DE-1953 Post Saves for Facebook Ads is available in ADL 2.0 within the reports below:

    • facebookads__ad_peformance

    • facebookads__adgroup_performance

    • facebookads__campaign_performance

    • facebookads__account_performance

  • DE-2058 - Impression Share Metrics added to keyword_performance

  • DE-2057 - Bid Strategy for Google Ads is available in ADL 2.0 within the reports below:

    • googleads__campaign_performance

    • googleads__adgroup_performance

    • googleads__keyword_performance

  • DE-2055 - Add effective_cpm to the following reports:

    • creative_performance

    • ad_performance

  • DE-2062 - New Categorizations available (core_display_campaign_type, core_campaign_short_name)

  • DE-1974 - New Reports available within Alli Data Explorer Certified Datasources

Bug Fixes

  • DE-2066 - DV360 & CM360 datasources quoting issue on Snowflake

  • DE-2081 - Add dv360_insights_ad_trueview to available reports to backfill in ADL Backfill App

  • DE-2073 - Metrics not available defaulting to null vs. zero


How to enable the latest version:

Select the tag v2.0 in the ADL 2.0 refresh App and execute it to reflect the below listed changes to your client.

The Why

Reach metric is now available in ADL 2.0 [DE-1952]

  • This change Adds in the reach column available at the ad_performance, adgroup_performance, campaign_performance, account_performance models.

  • To implement this change to a client, make sure to add the reach column to social platform datasources. Refer to this field mapping document to fetch the api_names for reach column according to platform, add it and backfill the datasource from required dates. Then refer the refreshing ADL 2.0 report to reflect the reach column at ad_performance and other models.

This step is optional and only applies IF:

  1. Reach column is missing in the existing social platforms Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest and Snapchat datasources.

  2. Also reach is available only in the above social platforms and they have to be enabled for a client to add this column to your platform datasources

  • As an example for Snapchat Ads, find reach column in field mapping doc and look for snapchatads mapping for reach api_name column uniques as below and add that column in snapchat_insights_ad. Then backfill the datasource for required dates and refresh the app to reflect the reach column at ad_performance.

Quick Platform Datasources and API column names for reference:


ADL 2.0 Datasource

API column name
















Post Saves is now available for Facebook Ads in ADL 2.0[DE-1953]

  • This change Adds in the post_save_conversions_1d_view_7d_click (action_onsite_conversion_post_save) column available at the facebookads performancemodels.

Bid Strategy is now available for Google Ads in ADL2.0[DE-2057]

  • This change Adds in the bid_strategy column available at the googleads__campaign_performance, googleads__adgroup_performance, and googleads__keyword_performance models.

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