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Facebook Sentiment V2


Alli Data’s Facebook Sentiment Datasource measures the sentiment of comments across Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Ads.





API Documentation

Sunset Date

Marketing API: May 14, 2024



Refresh Time (CST)

4am, 4pm / Real Time

Default backfill

Most metrics will update once every 24 hours.

Metrics retrieved using third-party APIs can take up to 3 days from being reported to Facebook (not from the time they occur).

Alli Data Library

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Getting Started

You will need to select the Facebook Advertiser as well as the Facebook Page.
Note: The Facebook Advertiser must have served an ad with a Facebook Page Linked for the Facebook Page to show in the dropdown.

Required Authorization

You must have access to both Page and Ad Account in Business Manager. An Instagram account must be connected to the Page via Business Manager.

This datasource requires manage_page access to the page as well as view_performance access to the ad account.

Creating a Dashboard from this data

For instructions click here: How-to Create a Sentiment Dashboard from FB Sentiment

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