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How to connect your report to Excel for use in reporting


Once you have created a datasource in Alli, you can import this data into Excel. This is helpful for customers and team members who want to host their data analysis and visualizations in an Excel spreadsheet format. Formatting will stay consistent as data refreshes.


  1. Open Excel on your computer.

  2. Click on the Data tab from the top hand navigation. 

  3. Click on New Database Query

  4. Click on SQL Server ODBC (if you do not see this set up on your computer, please reach out to IT Helpdesk on Slack or through the Hub).

  5. Under System DSN, find

  6. Highlight and click OK.

  7. Dropdown both the folder and the datawarehouse folder.

  8. Navigate to your client and report and click Return Data.

  9. Choose which cell and sheet to drop the data into.

  10. You will see your data populate in the cells chosen. 

  11. To refresh data (that has first been updated or refreshed as a datasource in Alli), click on the Data tab then hit Refresh.


These reports are not in alphabetical order. As a workaround, you can highlight the name of any report and change the name to your intended report instead with basic SQL language (example above).

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